Crabgrass question

Crabgrass question

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edb2n – posted 04 January 2007 13:06

I live in Murfreesboro, TN (just south of Nashville) and have a fescue yard that was sodded last Spring. I’m working really hard to keep it healthy, and it looks really good so far. I would like to prevent a crabgrass outbreak this spring (I had a lot before it was sodded). I have a pre-emergent to put down, but when should I put it down, and how many applications should I do?

Also, one corner of the lawn is kind of yellow compared to the dark green color of the rest of it. It looks like it needs nitrogen. Should I wait a while before fertilizing? We have had a very warm winter thus far, with temps in the 60’s and occasionally 70’s nearly every day.

cohiba – posted 04 January 2007 13:55

Before I could answer your Pre-m question it really depends on the material you are using. If you are using a granular Pendimethalin based product I would apply twice. My first application would be just as the forsythia flowers fall off. the second application would be about 45-60 days after the first treatment. If you are using a Dimension type product I would hold off until early April and do another application in late May. I have had success with one application of Barricade on ryegrass fairways in March. To be 100% sure check the bag first then call your local Cooperative Extension for some friendly advice.

As for the fertilizer I would not have a problem putting down 1/2 lb. N from a quick release nitrogen source later in the winter. Just be careful not to over fertilize as this could cause some leaf spot issues.

Hope this helps……………….

edb2n – posted 04 January 2007 21:40

Thanks for the advice! The active ingredient listed was Dithiopyr. It said on the bag not to apply more than once a year, but I’ve heard several people say to apply twice.

cohiba – posted 05 January 2007 06:52

Dimension is a very good product. There are usually a lot of different ways to use the Dimension on the label. Usually if the product says do not apply more than 10 pounds per season, you can make two applications TOTALLING 10 pounds. The first application on time and the second a many weeks later. The second application will help the turf provide protection longer into the season. I have even known some home sprayer techs to add pre-M in July at really low rates to provide a little extra boost of protection.

Oh, by the way, is your lawn fine fescue? If it is be careful as Dimension is known to damage some fine fescues.

Good Luck……….

edb2n – posted 06 January 2007 10:07

Sorry for my ignorance, I’m new at this.

Is Dimension the same as Dithiopyr? Also, I don’t know if my lawn is fine fescue. When I had the sod installed I had the choice of fescue or Bermuda. It’s the same fescue that most everyone in this area has.

Thanks for your help!

cohiba – posted 06 January 2007 16:29

Dimension is the common name, the active ingredient is Dithiopyr. Dimension sells better because we really can’t pronounce Dithiopyr.

The fescue is most likely turf type tall fescue. Dimension should be good for you.

Still warm there? Today we hit 73 degrees in sounthern NJ. Feels more like spring than winter, thought about mowing today…..

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