bermuda spriggs

bermuda spriggs

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rvester – posted 16 May 2005 13:14

just put in 419 bermuda spriggs on 4 acre lawn 3 weeks agonoticing a lot of weeds competing with the bermuda,. please help!!! nc residentrvester@alanvesterauto.com

Buck – posted 19 May 2005 09:22

This is no time to be killing weeds that have emerged as your sprigs will take the hit as well. However, I think some products are safe after you have mowed the sprigs at least three times. Probably should have hit it with Dimension about 10 weeks prior to sprigging. Think your best bet now is to mow it low, apply nutrients to the bermuda to get it well established and then go after the weeds. Important: Do not treat the entire lawn at the same time. Do a test to make sure the product yuou select gets the weeds and not the bermuda. Problem you will have is that most products are not labeld for bermuda if temps will exceed 85 degrees. And they mean that. Read the label carefully.

Elizabeth Russell – posted 10 March 2006 09:56

I live in central Oklahoma. We have about 5 acres that we want to start bermuda in. There is no grass at this time. I have been looking all over for bermuda spriggs. No one seems to be able to tell me where I can get it. We have plowed and disked the pasture and need the spriggs to plant. I would really appreciate any help from anyone.

Friend – posted 10 March 2006 10:34

you can try this web site, look under growers.


okgrassguy – posted 10 March 2006 12:12

Elizabeth, try Easton sod, I believe they still sell sprigs by the bushel. Thats were i got most of my sod from.

wrangler – posted 12 March 2006 08:19

Elizebeth,Are you going to use this pasture for horses? There are some bermudagrasses that do no respond well to tight grazing and horse trafic.

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