Watering lawn with well water

Watering lawn with well water

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lrodptl – posted 07 July 2007 13:49

Any unique issues with watering lawn with well water only? Thought I read something somewhere. Thanks.

cohiba – posted 07 July 2007 16:49

My only concern is the iron getting on the walks and the walls. My brother in law hooked his irrigation system in line after the water softener. This worked well but over time caused some problems with high sodium levels but we were able to add calcium and flush through with the un treated water.

Have the water tested to see about the pH. That is a seperate issue….

Good luck…….

TexanOne – posted 07 July 2007 18:28

It’s hard to say if using well water is good or bad without an analysis / lab test. As long as the water source is not excessively high or low in pH, or contains sodium – you should be alright. A lot also depends on the grass species you have.

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