Help me Break My Water Habit!

Help me Break My Water Habit!

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AZBermudaman – posted 05 June 2007 09:54

Well my tiff bermuda lawn looks awesome! Things have come together really well this year. Only downside is I know I’m overwatering – but I can’t bring myself to stop. I saw a couple of mushrooms the other day – and I live in the desert… Next will come fungus if I don’t get on track.

What’s the correct way to water my tiff bermuda? In the past the grass seems to get stressed and brown in patches when I cut back.

Anyone have a basic schedule?

It’s been 100 or more most of this week and there’s little to no humidity.

TexanOne – posted 05 June 2007 20:47

AZ, what type of irrigation system are you using? Please do the Bermuda, yourself, and your pocketbook a big favor and look into Irrigation Auditing and having an audit done. An audit will give you very precise information about irrigation requirements and scheduling so that you do not drown or starve the Bermuda of water.

In addition, you are sitting in one of the hotbeds of irrigation auditing being in Phoenix. AZMET provides all the information you need at this website:


Hope this helps…

AZBermudaman – posted 06 June 2007 14:44

My irrigation system is a pretty standard Raindial with Rainbird pop-up heads. Constant output – rotating. The whole house system seems to have been well thought out & installed.

I’m going to use your suggestion – and that’s an awesome web site. I’ll post a follow up.

Thanks a million!!!

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