Unknown Weed in Bermuda

Unknown Weed in Bermuda

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msumike1 – posted 10 April 2005 16:13

I live in South Louisiana and have bermuda grass. A new weed appeared last summer and has returned this summer. I need help fighting this tough little purple ground crawler. I have been using MSMA and am considering trying 24d on it. It shouldn’t hurt, right? If you think you can help, I can email you a picture of the weed. Thanks in advanced.

msumike1 – posted 11 April 2005 17:20

I talked to my local Horticulturist today. He said that the weed is virginia buttonweed and that a little 2-4-D should take care of it.

ted – posted 11 April 2005 17:54

it’s going to take more than a little- it’s a very tough weed.

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