Looking for some Lawn Help

Looking for some Lawn Help

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susan – posted 17 April 2005 10:07

I am slowly becoming obsessed with making this grass green, and well, making more lawn — I’m sick of mowing the dirt!

I’ve got some pine tree’s…. I’ve got some moss on the opposite side of the house (away from the pines)…. I’ve got some violet issues.

I just bought lime pellets and seed. Can I do these things at the same time. Will the lime hurt the seed?

I know it “can” help with the moss and I’m certain I need to put it down near the pine tree’s as I think they are my main issue with getting grass to grow there.

I do realize I have to wait to do any fertilizing if I’m going to put seed down — so I guess I’ll have to deal with any new weed growth for now.

Any thoughts? Am I on the right track?

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