Tiff green bermuda green all year long?

Tiff green bermuda green all year long?

fingerz – posted 05 October 2005 22:25

I’ve seen some tiff green lawns around my areaand they seem to be green all year long. Is there a particular fertilizer or something Ishould be doing to keep mine from going dormantduring the winter. I live in Southern California.


BuckinNC – posted 06 October 2005 07:45

First I would check to see if they may be over-seeding with annual rye or some other cool season grass. If they definately have 419 green year-round then the environmental conditions are suitable for you as well. But, are you sure yours is really dormant or just stressed because you cut back on water and nutrients? If they have green, you can as well, just continue the feeding and watering you provide during the summer. In general, it takes a pretty good frost or prolonged sub frezzing temps to send bermuda in the dormant stage. It will slow down a lot as the days shorten and the angle of the sun moves lower, but if you cut it shorter it will remain green. I live in costal NC and keep my 419 looking good through the end of Thanksgiving evey year. We generally get a blast of cold air in early december and then it turns brown in less than a week.

To test for dormant turf try setting a small patch on fire with a candle. If it will burn on it’s own, after removing the candle it is dormant. If not, it is not. Have a hose handy because you want to extinguish it quickly if it really will continue to burn.

tommy – posted 06 October 2005 10:01

Hybrid bermuda in So.Cal. will stay green all year- as long as it gets enough winter sun- and is not too far inland. It also helps to dethatch bermuda in early fall-to stimulate new growth. Lower mowing will also help in this regard. Bermuda should also be fertilized with a ‘winterizer’ type fertilizer in mid Oct. Application’s of liquid iron will also help maintain color during the winter months.

fingerz – posted 06 October 2005 20:37

Thanks for the help. I take the suggestionsand see what happens.


wadevl – posted 07 October 2005 20:26

as it cools growth slows, and with less sun in the fall, you can jam Iron out thier, and it will keep it NICE and green

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