Tiff Grass in Oklahoma

Tiff Grass in Oklahoma

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jjezik1 – posted 09 June 2009 18:42

Hi. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I purchased a new home 2 years ago and decided to install tiff sod. My back yard looks fantastic but i cannot seem to get the front looking nice. I have bare spots in places and cannot seem to get any length in the front. I’d like to have 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length. Is this possible?

The grass seems to grow slow. When a mow i bag my grass but only get a half bag full in the bagger. I mow once weekely. My yard is a bit “unlevel” and i believe that is causing some of my problems. I have a sprikler system and watrer every other day on each station for 25 minutes. The temps here today are in the high 80’s.

Can anyone offer any good avice? I want a lush looking thick front yard!

tommy – posted 10 June 2009 10:29

It kinda sounds like a soil problem. The spots that are giving you the most problem, may be especially compacted. You may have to aerify the area to loosen things up a bit. You can rent an aerifier at most rental yards, or you can hire a lawn service to do it. If your Tif is ‘Tifway’, it will easily reach the 2″ height that you want. Some of the other Tif types will stay lower.

jjezik1 – posted 10 June 2009 10:35

Thanks Tommy! I’ll give it a shot.

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