Reel Mower lubricant on reels

Reel Mower lubricant on reels

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proudx – posted 14 April 2009 19:20

My mower shop is suggesting that we put 10w30 on the blades of the reel and that this will keep it sharpened longer. Well I found out the hard way that all this did was build up caked up blotches of oil and debris along the reel blade.

I found this teflon dry based lubricant, it goes on wet and then forms a micro teflon coat. Would this be better to put on the reel and pro long the sharpened life of it or should I just not put anything on it.

cohiba – posted 16 April 2009 13:53

If the reel is sharp and the bedknife is set right you should be able to cut through 1 1/2 pieces of notebook paper. If it is set up right you will not need added lubricant. The water from the grass being cut should be all you need. If the reel adjustment is too tight and you do need something I would use silicone spray or WD 40. You may also try mowing earlier in the AM and using the dew as lube.

Proper adjustment will make all the difference in the world.

saltcedar – posted 12 May 2009 13:39

Cutting wet grass is a no-no. Think Disease.

cohiba – posted 12 May 2009 20:15

Mowing in the AM is ok as long as you know what to look for regarding disease. White Mycellium from diseases such as pythium can be tracked and spread along the turf. I’ll give you that. However, mowing in the AM when dew is preseant accually shortens the amount of time the turf is wet and that suppresses disease.

Regardless the dew will lubricate the reels but a properly adjusted mower will help temendously.

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