New Sod – Help Me!

New Sod – Help Me!

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OneLady – posted 25 July 2009 08:09

I am sure you get this question all the time, but here goes anyway b/c I need help. I had Centipede sod installed yesterday. I wated it for 1 hour at the landscaper’s instruction. I then watered it last night for 30 minutes. This morning I watered it for 30minutes, but parts of it are already a bit brown! Temps here are 92-98 degrees. Have I overdone it? Is all lost?


tommy – posted 26 July 2009 21:50

Its ok to keep it a bit on the moist side for a couple of weeks….as long as your drainage isant bad. If the water wants to stay on the surface and causes soggy conditions, you will have to water less, but still apply enough to keep the sod from dying out. A bit of browning is normal at first, and should correct itself after the sod is well rooted.

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