Sooo, we had a drought…..

Sooo, we had a drought…..

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cocoinkaty – posted 01 April 2012 12:14

I lost my 3 acre yard to the parched/scorched earth drought that was 2011. Upon arrival at the house (navasota,TX) this week I found an entire yard of dandelions and bluebonnetts. ok with the bluebonnets…not so much the dandelions…I mean the entire 3 acres is covered. If I kill them all I will just have a mud yard…will the st. augustine come back? What do I put on the yard. HElp!!! Thanks

Spriteman – posted 01 May 2012 10:09

Hello cocoinkaty – do you live on the lake?

If so, a nice irrigation system would probably do the trick. St. Aug. cannot live without water but, depending on how long your lawn has been without water there might be some of the grass still alive.

I checked on weather.com and you get about the same amount of rain that we do here in central Florida so there should be plenty of average rain to keep the grass healthy. Also, your highest rainfall months are May – October.

Let me know how it goes – I’d be glad to put my laymans two cents in.

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