Replacing Bermuda with Fescue

Replacing Bermuda with Fescue

ricsin1 – posted 13 September 2009 19:28

I want to replace a bermuda lawn with fescue. I just had a lawn care company come out on Sept 11 and treat the bermuda lawn with pre & post emergent weed care. on sept 12th I decided to completely replace the lawn.(what a difference 1 day makes)

i want to use Roundup to kill the bermuda, then aerate and overseed with fescue. being that my lawn care company just put down pre & post emergent weed control – how long do i have to wait in order to overseed with fescue. i know that some weed control prevents germination of fescue seed. how long should i wait to overseed?

tommy – posted 14 September 2009 14:42

Usually its about 3 months before you can seed…..somtimes 4 or 5 months depending on the product. You could also try to dilute the weed preventer, and go ahead and seed now. It would involve aerifing in two directions, applying a half inch layer of organic top dressing, and then raking and mixing the cores and topper together. You would then seed, apply some more top dressing (enough to barely cover the seed) and apply ‘Scotts starter fertilizer’.

ricsin1 – posted 26 September 2009 00:04

I’ve found these 3 products on the internet: ACCLAIM -vs- TURFLON ESTER – vs- ORNAMEC

which one is the best for my needs: I have a bermuda lawn that I’m trying to turn into a fesue lawn… since my lawn care company treated it my bermuda with pre m on Sept 11th and that treatment last 3 months I’m screwed and unable to try and kill the bermuda and overseed with fescue this year… I’ll have to wait til next year…..

comparing all 3 of these products above… if none of these say they affect FESCUE GRASS how soon after I apply these can I overseed my lawn with fescue.?? Im trying to come up with a game plan schedule and be ready to next year……. 3-4 monthly applications seem to be key but WHEN should I start and HOW SOON AFTER LAST APPLICATION can I begin to overseed….. I want to get my fescue seeds down by September 2010……..

simmosturf – posted 12 October 2009 03:25

Why would you want to do that? Tall fescue is garbage. Eventually, the bermuda will get back into it and take it over. Why don’t you oversow with perrenial rye. Its not as clumpy and is heaps cheaper.

GSU Eagle – posted 28 October 2009 13:29

Simmosturf is right…I actually tried this in my lawn 5 years ago. I thought I killed the Bermuda, but the following spring it was back with a vengeance, and I ended up getting rid of the lousy fescue to end up with a very nice Bermuda lawn.The commercials touting the wonders of so-called smart, low water needs fescue are a joke. Children and animals will ruin it in 2 weeks….

Mint Hill Lawnboy – posted 26 July 2010 12:19

I used Ornamec last year in August on my Bermuda and resowed with a Fescue blend. It came up good but due to the heat and the relatively short time it had to gain root depth before our heat wave came through I have probably lost 50% of what I sowed. I applied 3 applications of Ironite to gain root depth but still lost grass. You will have to figure at least 2 years of constantly killing off the Bermuda before you can begin to feel as if you have killed it. Then you have to constantly police the line/s between your lawn and your neighbor’s lawn. Not sure I would do it again knowing what the heat of this summer brought.

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