Reel Mower

Reel Mower

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gspot – posted 07 August 2002 06:00

Anyone out there know where I can find a push type reel mower that will cut 3/8″ or lower to maintain a putting green ? THANKS

GLJones – posted 07 August 2002 14:39

McLane Mowers sells them inexpensively. I have a putting green in my backyard in Orlando.

Check out http://www.putting-greens.com/ for lots of info on building a backyard putting green and maintaining it.

My green is Dwarf Bermuda and it’s a little long right now because I can’t mow it as often as I need to with all the rain and work in the way.


Tommy Trog – posted 07 August 2002 15:20

Those prices on the website seem pretty steep to me. Unless there is something very special about the design you might want to price up some UK cylinder mowers. Cylinder mowers with a roller at the back are still quite common over there. I don’t know what the shipping costs would be however. I’m assuming you want a close cut with a stripe on the lawn – yes?

The cinch bug – posted 07 August 2002 15:30

Try UK manufacturer called ATCO. Their top priced cylinder mower with a roller is app. 900 USD, and it’s motorised. They are a very old firm of mower manufacturers.

wdrake – posted 07 August 2002 16:10

Try ACE Hardware. Saw one today for $100

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