Red tipped Bermuda

Red tipped Bermuda

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JDixon – posted 19 April 2005 20:16

Spring arrived and the bermuda grass came back to life. Everything was great. It rained about every third day and the grass was growing fast. Then the rain stopped for a couple of days and the tips of the grass turned red. Also, the grass just seemed to stop growing. Maybe its my imagination, but I don’t think so. At least it’s not dying (yet). But why did the tips turn red, and what can or should I do to help it out.

I am located in north Georgia, soil is pretty compact, and grass is one-year-old sod. Didn’t have a very good year (planted at inappropriate time of year)

Gus2k – posted 27 April 2005 20:06

I have just experienced the same thing! I live in South Atlanta…Riverdale! Just so happened we had a heavy rain yesterday…Can someone please help?

Jon….. – posted 11 October 2005 15:58

Got the same problem here in Mableton GA. I think it might be too long. Must start out the year cutting short…about 1″. Keeping it about 1.5 inches cutting every 3 days. Mine is about 2 inches and it is getting red. It was totaly green and I cut it now it looks terribe. Bermuda Grass SUCKS!!!

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