prep work for sod

prep work for sod

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jmtucker – posted 05 April 2003 20:51

we are about to put some St. Augustine sod down. Currently on the ground we have black dirt and builders fill dirt. Do we need to put some compost or a mixture of dirt/ compost down before we sod the ground?

ted – posted 06 April 2003 14:43

you could go to all kinds of extremes on this project. basically it depends on where you live. you might want to start out with something simple like a soil test, then certainly adding quality soil will help you s.a. sod. just make sure you’re totally smoothing out the soil before you lay in the sod. too many crappy sod jobs out there, and they really cause maintentance headaches for years to come. make sure you water the lawn thoroughly for 2-3 weeks after the sod goes in. also make sure you have freshly cut sod to put down. there’s a lot of small pieces to this project, but if they’re all followed correctly it should be great. most turf problems can be easily solved by installing the grass correctly from the start.

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