pre-emergent herbicide & St. Augustine

pre-emergent herbicide & St. Augustine

U_P_turf_newby – posted 12 November 2006 08:11

I was wondering if any one in South Florida has had good results using a pre-emergent herbicide in their St. Augustine lawn….

Has any one?

Thanks in advance

Del – posted 30 December 2006 07:28

I skipped using Lesco PEM last year and I noticed a significant increase in the crabgrass population. I am going to use it again this Feb and again in May. I am in Central Florida with a mostly Floratam SA lawn.

U_P_turf_newby – posted 30 December 2006 11:19

Thanks for the reply, if it has helped you up there its worth a try down here!

thanks again

paramedic313 – posted 08 January 2007 14:07

I also seen an increase in crab grass & chich weed when I didn’t use PEH. I would use it before weeds start growing in the spring or once you have your weed problem under control. The lawns you see with very little weeds, you can bet they or the company they have treating the lawn is using PEH as part of the lawn care program.

Alex_in_FL – posted 28 February 2007 20:28

Pre-emergent is one of the best approaches as you prevent the weed. A little prevention goes a long, long way.

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