Ornamental perennial peanut

Ornamental perennial peanut

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seed – posted 09 June 2006 15:48

Last month I was surprised to see a very successful lawn of peanutgrass, or ornamental perennial peanut, in Plantation, Florida:https://turfgrass.com/pics/pics53.html

The homeowner who takes care of this has had to mow it 8 times during the last 6 years, and she has been propagating it gradually from cuttings, mostly those which grow out over the driveway:https://turfgrass.com/pics/pics57.html

It is reportedly tolerant of drought and flooding. Possibly Arachis glabrata, the ornamental perennial peanut is low growing, attractive with yellow flowers, it does not need any nitrogen fertilizer, and it can take very light traffic. In northern Florida it is often used as a productive pasture plant, and it is baled for hay.

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carlos algieri – posted 09 January 2009 18:56

Want to find out where to buy ornamental peanut in a roll in south florida

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