Newly sprigged bermuda

Newly sprigged bermuda

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brandon1234 – posted 23 May 2005 18:42

I just sprigged my yard about 4 weeks ago with Tifton 10 Hybrid bermuda. 1 week before sprigging I sprayed the yard with roundup, and then I rototilled to a depth of 6″ and then spread the sprigs, and tilled to a depth of 2″. I then applied Scotts starter fertilizer at the specified rate.The sprigs are coming up nicely but so are the weeds. Right now they are about the same height but I would gues the yard is 75% grass and 25% broadleaf weeds. Three days ago I sprayed the yard with a weak mix of 2,4-D amine 4. (1 oz in 2 gals of water over about 1500 sq foot) and a few of the weeds are wilting, but I don’t think it was strong enough to do them in. I am worried about mixing it too strong and injuring the newly sprigged grass. What should I do? Spray again with a another weak mix? Try a slighty stronger mix? Try a weed-be-gone product with 2,4d, dicamba, mecrprop? Wait until the grass is better established and then fight the weeds?

Buck – posted 23 May 2005 18:50

Pre emerg 10 weeks ago would have been a good idea, but that ship has sailed. I’d be careful about hitting your turf with a post emerg at this time as the sprigs may tank. Good idea to use a weak solution. I think you may be best off to mow it low, less than an inch, let the turf get established and then go after the weeds that remain. In general, mowing bermuda low is a good think as the turf likes it and the weeds do not. I generally stay around 1/2 inch plus or minus. For most weeds that is just not enough foliage for them to survive.

Alex_in_FL – posted 21 June 2005 18:15

Agree with Buck on all points except I would not use a weak solution right now. Wait a few weeks then spray the weeds with the proper amount of herbicide. Agree also on mowing short (and frequenstly). You can get rid of most weeds in bermuda fairly easily.

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