New sod is yellow in patches, please help.

New sod is yellow in patches, please help.

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alina – posted 17 July 2010 09:40

Here are the stats:

the sod is yellow in certain spots. The spots are square in shape. It looks like these spots were on the bottom (or top) when the sod was in a roll as it seems to be in a yellow, green, yellow, green. And the spots are on the same roll. I hope you understand what i mean. Anyways the parts that are yellow went yellow hours after i laid it. I did everything properly and have been watering ever since. There is not roots in the yellow spots, from the bottom it looks like the day i bought it.The sod is Elite Kentucky Bluegrass and the weather here is Ontario Canada is very hot. I know, not a good time for sod.

So what should i do?

Just leave it? Replace the yellow patches?Is it dead or dormant? Can it come back?The yellow is not growing the rest of the sod is about an inch higher then these spots.Please help me.

Here are the links to pictures:





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Turfguy_UF – posted 18 July 2010 10:01

I am not very experienced with cool season grass but I would say that is dead and I would contact your sod provider and tell them you want a new roll of that sod at no cost to you and have them place it in there for you. That was there fault not yours.

Hope that helps!

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