Need help, new lawn

Need help, new lawn

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green toe – posted 17 September 2003 13:27

We have a new house in Austin, TX. I have large oak trees that shade about 75% of the yard. My neighbors on all three sides have St. Augustine. I would like some advice on if I should seed (how long that will take to grow), or lay sod. Also, what type of grass would be best to plant, or seed. Thanks.

ted – posted 17 September 2003 16:06

since it’s fairly late in the year, i would go ahead and seed it for the winter with perennial rye, then come back in the spring with either bermuda or st. augustine. you’ll have alot better looking lawn during the winter and a lot better chance at your new sod making it next spring

Dchall_San_Antonio – posted 18 September 2003 10:10

If you seed bermuda you will have to wait until late June. And with that much shade you will have St Augustine invading from the neighbors anyway. Just go with St Aug sod this weekend and be done with it.

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