Is this good price for Drive 75 DF?

Is this good price for Drive 75 DF?

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TurfGrass Man – posted 23 July 2010 09:08

This website is running a special on Drive 75 from BASF with free shipping. Does anyone else know of a lower delivered price? I need to get at least five pounds of the stuff and ever since BASF has stopped making it, I’ve had to use eBay and the prices there are higher than this site. If anyone knows of where to get it cheaper, please let me know:

http://crabgrasskiller.org/review-how-good-is-drive-75-df-from-basf-fo r-killing-post-emergent-crabgrass/

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.


turfgrass – posted 23 July 2010 16:52

that’s a good price. buy it.

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