I need help desperatly!

I need help desperatly!

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DavidC011 – posted 07 June 2011 21:24

I have got a st augustine lawn, every year something goes wrong! I keep getting something that is making my grass look fried and doesnt grow back! I put down some fungus control stuff and i still keep getting it, this yr is the quickest ive seen it kill my grass! Please just help i keep putting money into this lawn and it doesnt end!

HomeTurf – posted 08 June 2011 05:26

Today I am laying 2500sq ft f Zoysia. After 24 years of St Aug, I got tired of how Expectable it was to cinch bugs. Cinch Bugs will completely kill St in two weeks….the whole yard. It starts as a brown spot the size of a foot circle or so…it looks like it might need water (but remember lack of water is a blue look) Even if you know what it is you still have to know “where ” to treat it. NOT the brown spot….the brown spot is history it was eaten a week ago. The Cinch is in the freen beautiful area just outside of the brown. Just expose the soil in the bordering green area and take a jar of soapy water (or first pull out some roots and look for the tiny bug with white little spots on it.


Good luck. My lawn was the king of the block…treated monthly by pros. They even missed it ” AND I POINTED IT OUT” treatment was to late and I lost half. The first time took two years to somewhat come back. If the spot you have now is three square feet and it actually is Cinch bugs…well…no mater what even if you treat you now have a nine square foot dead spot that still looks green and the sad part has already happened.

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