How do I get rid of bahia and plant bermuda lawn?

How do I get rid of bahia and plant bermuda lawn?

JamieB2003 – posted 27 May 2003 06:55

We live on the Treasure Coast in FL. We have Bahia grass and HATE it. Our lawn has huge bald spots and is over run with weeds. We also hate the huge seed stalks that look like weeds. We want to get rid of the bahia and plant bermuda grass. What is the best way to relace our lawn. Do we need to kill the Bahia and till our yard down to the soil?We will be using bermuda seed because it is much less expensive than sod. If so, what do we use to kill an entire lawn?( we have a 1/4 acre lot). Or can we just overseed on top of the bahia? Will the bermuda choke out the bahia? We need advice on how to go about doing this. Also does anyone have any opinion on NuMex Sahara Bermudagrass?

TampaMan – posted 27 May 2003 08:36   

Im not a pro, but I have been really doing a lot of research on my lawn. I had orginally sodded bahia because it cheap, but I am now going to go to bermuda in that area. The rest of my yard I went with seville, because of the shade tolerance, but this area I let me dogs out. Anyways, you can try and reseed first, just make sure you try and put some top soil over it, and keep it moist for about a month, otherwise the seeds will die, and the birds will eat them. You could till it, but the weeds will come back faster than the seed. You might to use round up on the weeds that are there now. Wait 7 days, and seed the bald spots heavily along with the rest of the yard. Water it everyday for a month, and i think the bermuda will take over the bahia.hope this helps.

Marcus – posted 27 May 2003 10:29

I am about to put in a new lawn also. It’s to large to sod or sprig.( 22,000 sq.ft.) Mostly full sun. I would like to hear from someone who has had any experience w/ the Bermuda Triangle or LaPrima seed. Outsidepride.com and seedland.com have info on seeding. They say the seed needs to be in contact with the soil in order to take well. About a 1/4″inch of soil over the seed. I’ve never delt with Bahia, but about the only thing I’ve seen that would overtake Bermuda is St. Augustine. Especially in a little shade.

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