What type of grass?

What type of grass?

jackal – posted 05 June 2003 09:42

What is the best type of lawn grass for the caribbean? I am presently looking at zoysia. would it grow down hear – Trinidad W.I.

What advantages/disadvantages would I have over bumuda

Dchall_San_Antonio – posted 28 June 2003 00:25

I don’t think of a ‘best grass’ for a location. I think of a best grass for an application. What are you planning to do with the turf area? Is anyone going to walk on it? Will there be animals? Are you the kind of person who needs your grass to respond quickly to changes in the way it’s used? If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ then zoysia is not for you.

Is bermuda your only other choice? You should be able to grow St Augustine with no trouble.

jackal – posted 28 June 2003 19:56

Just looking for a great lawn, something that I can be proud off. It will be there to be admired.

Dchall_San_Antonio – posted 28 June 2003 23:29

Well, I’m curious. I’ve been to Barbados but that’s like a continent away from you. Plus, at the time, I wasn’t noticing the grasses.

What are the grasses there that you admire?

jackal – posted 29 June 2003 06:06

I have been there too, does’nt seem to have much grass either. Hear in Trinidad, we have a lot more rain than they do.

The grass that we have common down hear is the bermuda. But I have seen some plugs of the zoysia that people have brought down, and i admire the rich green, the bermuda have a lighter colour. The plugs are not commercially grown, and it is very rear one would come across the plugs. And besides, i want to have have something diferent and better, to kind of show off to my friends.

Dchall_San_Antonio – posted 29 June 2003 23:49

It sounds like you want someone to tell you to go ahead with the zoysia. Have you seen full sized zoysia lawns older than a few years? And did it still look good? If so, you probably should get that exact same zoysia for your lawn. Ask the owners how they maintain it, what kind of mower they use, how often they water (probably never), and how often they mow. And ask them if they ever get bugs or disease in it. The answers to these questions will probably have to come from someone who is living it on your island right now. I’m not sure getting ‘mainland’ help is going to be any real help to you.

My favorite warm area grass is St Augustine, so I would always recommend that. In your area it should remain green all year long even without any special maintenance.

jackal – posted 02 July 2003 07:55

Would you believe I have never seen a lawn planted with zoysia. I have only seen the plugs and it is only about one foot square and pictures on the net. I just love the colour and feel. They are not ready sold hear as well. I try looking at the forum for advice though.

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