how can I get rid of bahiagrass?

how can I get rid of bahiagrass?

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JimF – posted 10 August 2007 18:43

My neighbor and I, whose lawns kind of run together, started getting these patches of ugly grass about a year or so ago. By looking at pictures on this site I think its bahiagrass. I see it at golf courses all the time as well. I tried spraying an affected area with grass killer last fall and created a large dead spot which I seeded with new grass. The new grass began to grow, then the ugly stuff came back and is really starting to spread. Does anyone know how to get rid of it without killing the rest of the lawn?

Alex_in_FL – posted 27 October 2007 23:07

This is tough. The only way I know is to get a piece of 2-3″ diameter PVC pipe, place in the center of the bahia and give it a shot of roundup. The pipe protects the surrounding grass and the round up kills the bahai roots and all.

Good luck.Alex

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