Grass for Shaded Areas in Central Florida

Grass for Shaded Areas in Central Florida

Pati Buttrick – posted 07 March 2004 08:34

I am wondering which seed is recommended for 100% shaded areas in central Florida.

Dchall_San_Antonio – posted 15 March 2004 08:23

If your shady area is in the shade of a building you will have to use a ground cover. If your grass is in the shade of a tree, you might get away with St Augustine. Mine is in 90% shade year round and does fine. St Aug does not grow from seed. It grows from sod.

pander1203 – posted 18 March 2004 15:41

There are varieties of St. Augustine. Some are specifically suited to shady areas. The most common variety if Floratam. It is not shade tolerant. Varieties which are shade tolerant are Delmar, Palmetto, Saville, and others. In my area (Melbourne), I have found Saville available from a sod dealer, and Delmar available at Home Depot as plugs. I have just planted both, and hope for good results in shady areas.pander

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