Empire Zoysia in Fort Myers, FL

Empire Zoysia in Fort Myers, FL

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evmibo – posted 09 March 2015 03:59

Hello,I’m interested in putting empire zoysia in my front and back yards. I would like to do maintenance on my own and not have to hire a landscape company. I’ve helped family members install st.augustine before, but besides that my lawncare experience is minimal. I do keep several trees in my backyard that require water often, and I fertilize when needed – so I feel I am ahead of the learning curve. I’d prefer to keep fertilizers organic.

Can anyone lead me in the right direction, or perhaps provide a list of things to expect?

Does empire zoysia require irrigation? Or can I depend on the wet months to take care of watering? (I’ve read it’s drought resistant)

Thanks, there doesn’t seem to be many people on this forum, but hopefully I can get some responses.

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