Dyeing Dormant St. Augustine Grass

Dyeing Dormant St. Augustine Grass

kransom – posted 24 September 2001 12:54

In the past, I have allowed my St. Augustine grass to go dormant without over seeding and patiently waited for spring to arrive. However, this year we have put our house up for sale, and I really need a green yard in the next few months. I have heard that over seeding with rye is not a good solution, because it clumps and may introduce weeds. I have heard of dyeing the grass. This seems like a better option, but would like some feedback on how good it will look and does it really work. Also, I would like a recommendation for dye products and where to get them. Thanks

ELJefe – posted 03 October 2001 16:45

You can overseed with an annual ryegrass seed, but the lawn will look different, since rye grass blades are much thinner than St Aug.If you sell the house before the winter is over, the ryegrass will still be green and it should not invite weeds or have a clumping look if you overseed properly and use quality seed.Turf dye would be available at a contractor supply or irrigation supply house. Depending on your state, you may or may not be able to purchase a small quantity without a contractors license. You would have to get a pump sprayer and carefully coat the lawn with the dye. Turf dye is non-toxic, buit it is basically a stain, so keep foot and pet traffic off the lawn for a day or so after spraying.

Annual Ryegrass seed is about $10 for10-pounds and would cover about 800-1000 square feet of lawn area.

Turf Dye is certainly more than $10 for a small container, and although it helps hide the signs of dormancy, living grass always looks better than dyed turf…Good Luck!

sod buster – posted 13 October 2001 18:37

If I were buying a house that had colored grass, I would be suspicious as to why a seller would go to such extremes.

kransom – posted 15 October 2001 06:01

That is the problem. Most people in my part of the country only understand fescue. They don’t understand grass that goes dormant in the winter. Further, they don’t understand that although fescue looks great in the winter, it pretty much goes dormant in the summer. I have been a purist with my sod, hating all forms of weeds. The thought of overseeding with rye and actually adding weeds and some rye that will not die off scares me. I know if I were buying the house, I had rather see dormant grass.

quote:Originally posted by sod buster:If I were buying a house that had colored grass, I would be suspicious as to why a seller would go to such extremes.

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