Crowne vs Empire

Crowne vs Empire

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danman421 – posted 30 April 2015 09:29

Hi guys, I am looking to sod my backyard with one of these two. I can get the Crowne now for $105 a pallet locally but the Empire I need to wait until June (sod farm has to wait for it to grow back in). It is roughly $135 a pallet. Cost is not the issue here, I am trying to determine the best for my backyard.

Right now I have dilapidated centipede with bermuda trying to come in some places. Its a small yard, mostly sun but one slightly shady area on the side where the fence and house blocks direct sun except when it is high. I have a dog that injures the centipede where she urinates. I am having irrigation put in as well. My wife likes the look of centipede and st. augustine but I do not want either of those.

Can someone point out some differences between Crowne and Empire? I can find a lot of information on Empire but not Crowne.

Thank you!

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