Crabgrass in zeon zoysia

Crabgrass in zeon zoysia

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Cubguy – posted 16 July 2005 15:06

What is the best product to use on crabgrass in zeon? Also, what is the best height to cut the zeon to fight the crabgrass? I have cutting it higher 3 1/2″ lately due to highs of 97 to 102 for the past 2weeks and about 42 days without rain. How high can I go with zeon?


Cubguy – posted 16 July 2005 15:09

Forgot to mention I am in San Antonio, TX


kyleinmarietta – posted 17 July 2005 15:26

MSMA is a decent choice, but Acclaim will give you less injury. With your temperatures, I’d be very careful…

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