Clover control and Myoporum

Clover control and Myoporum

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ted_sd – posted 31 May 2005 13:40

I planted a myoporum on an hillside. In the past I had the timeto keep the weeds at bay but this season (San Diego) I’ve been so busy that clover has practically taken control of the hillside. Its too thick/prevelent to hand weed. I’ve tried clover control for lawns but the myoporum took a beating (clover is doing fine 🙁 Looking for suggestions for getting ride of the clovers without destroying the myoporum.

seed – posted 09 June 2006 11:47

For everyone’s information, Myoporum parvifolium also called creeping Boobialla is a xeric ground cover from southern Australia.

I’m sorry that I cannot answer the clover problem.


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