Bermuda Issues

Bermuda Issues

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bogey1 – posted 22 October 2007 16:48

Hey Gang,Recently I planted Bermuda Sod. It came in very well. Color is consistent throughout and thick across entire lawn. My issue is that after mowing there are brown spots over the yard. After a few days as the lawn grows the brown blends with growth. I have been cutting at a pretty high level with a rotary mower. I know it is starting to go dormant so I am more interested in a game plan for the spring. Can you train the Bermuda from the Start by Cutting it at that 1 1/2″ height to begin with?


Barry JonesCary, nc

tommy – posted 27 October 2007 14:51

There are two basic parts of a bermuda lawn- the green leaves, and the straw colored stems and runners. When you cut the leaves off, you expose the “straw”. Raising the mowing height is the quick fix, but also leads to problems over time.(excessive thatch). The remedy is to scalp the lawn and remove the built up thatch once a year,(spring or early fall), and slowly raise the mowing height as the summer goes along.

saltcedar – posted 28 October 2007 06:12

Tommy’s excellent advice also applies to Zoysia.


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