good weed killer

good weed killer

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paul15 – posted 29 August 2007 15:16

what would be the best weed killer to use on my tiff grass? i’m not sure what kind of weeds i have but i live in south texas where its warm for most of the year.

saltcedar – posted 02 October 2007 11:54

Ah, now I see you’re in South Texas.I would use a premergent herbicide Mid-month.OR (not both) overseed with perennial Ryegrass waterwell. The premergent will prevent new weeds while overseeding will shade/crowd out existing weed. You can’tdo both however because the premergent will prevent theRyegrass from growing too!


paul15 – posted 10 October 2007 08:10

thank you for the advice. I will try to use the premergent herbicide in about a week. thanks again

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