Bermuda-Fescue Mix

Bermuda-Fescue Mix

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youracman – posted 17 April 2008 15:40

I have moved to a “retirement” community and the houses are REALLY close together (side to side)… although I have the golf course in my back yard. The problem: There is so much shade in between the houses that the sun-loving Bermuda that the builder “sodded in” for all the houses has nearly died out between me and my neithbors…..but it is doing fine in the front yard (South) and back yard (North). Question 1: If I overseed with a shade loving variety of creeping red fescue (over the whole lawn) will the mix of fescue and existing (healthy) bermuda look O.K.? I am in the Dallas, TX area so I would overseed with the fescue in the fall so it would “have a decent shot” at surviving the summer heat here. Question 2: Assuming the appearance is not a problem, is it likely that I will have to do this overseeding process every fall? Thanx in advance. Ed S.

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