Baby Rabbit Patch in My Lawn….

Baby Rabbit Patch in My Lawn….

Lady20456 – posted 05 September 2003 05:35

I was mowing my lawn yesterday only to discover that a rabbit has dug a patch in the middle of my lawn to secure here babies -(4) of them (cute as a button). I had to remove the baby rabbits from the hole to cut that area of my lawn. Having much love for nature as I do; after cutting my lawn, I placed the babies back into the patch that the mother dug in the center of my lawn. My question: Once the babies are gone, what is the best way to cover the patch; throw some seeds or buy a piece of sod and place in that area????


certified-in-florida – posted 28 September 2003 17:28


First of all, I commend your love of nature. As far as repairing the spot, it depends on the type of grass you have. If it is Bermuda, it would be best to locate a piece of sod; St. Augustine, plugs or sod; Centipede, sod (could use seed depending upon time of year); Bluegrass, sod or seed. Probably the question only you can answer is how fast do you want the patch repaired? Sod is always your fastest fix. If I haven’t listed your type of grass here, you could also check with your local extension service for answers.

Godd luck.

Lady20456 – posted 01 October 2003 05:50

Turfmaster,I have Kentucky blue grass. Babies are gone and I have patched with a piece of sod. Thanks for the response!

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