Annual Rye Grass

Annual Rye Grass

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Bunky – posted 03 October 2004 23:47

I just built a home in the southern foothillsof the Sierra mts. and the house sits on asteep east-facing bluff at elevation of approximately 4300 feet.

Worried about erosion on this exposed bluffwith rain possibly a few months away.

I’m told to seed with Annual rye grass and then lay “burlap netting” on top.

Good idea? Much watering needed? shouldsoil be “prepped”? Any other ideas for theslope that will root quickly and offer someerosion control?


tommy – posted 04 October 2004 14:49

Annual rye is often used for your situation…….and usually works well! No special soil prep, but if you want extra fast establishment- apply a fertilizer (such as 15-15-15)at the time of seeding. Water is usually once a day the first week, and then every other day after that.(until some rain shows up). Make sure you water enough to where the soil gets wet a least a few inches down. This may mean applying water a little bit at a time to avoid run off. A sprinkling that wets just the surface- will result in shallow rooting and erosion problems later.

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