over fertilization- HELP

over fertilization- HELP

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Fosters42 – posted 16 August 2004 14:28

My husband and I have recently purchased a home in Jacksonville, FL. Upon moving in the entire front lawn was dead. There was about 15 days where no one occupied the home. We have recently come to find out from one of our neighbors that they resoded the entire front lawn and then overfertilized. Since they moved out shorly after they did this, it was not getting watered. Now we have moved in and we need to fix up the lawn FAST! We have already received a letter from our homeowners association telling us we need to resod, but you can imagine we really don’t have that kind of money. We have until 8/28 to at least get the grass green. I don’t know exactly what the homeowners association can do to us, but we really don’t want to find out. The grass looks like hay and watering it has not helped at all. Any help would be appreciated! – Robyn

turfie – posted 17 August 2004 14:48

Hi Robyn,

If the grass was St. Augustine and it looks like hay now, then it has probably “checked out” and there is no way to bring it back. The only way to get it green by the 28th besides resodding it would be to use turf paint on it. I don’t know if it is available for homeowners, I don’t know why it wouldn’t be, but resorts and golf courses use it from time to time to mask dead spots. Check the Lesco website if this is an option for you until you have the money to resod.

turfvol – posted 17 August 2004 14:58

For a quick solution, you could always try seeding Rye . . . it germinates in 3 days with proper water.

It is not necessarily adapted to the warm FL weather though, so it might not work so well . ..

St. Aug is probably your best bet. Unfortunately no seed. For a little more effort on your part, but a whole lot less money, you can establish the lawn by buying some St. Aug sod, breaking it into clumps and planting it around the lawn (about 12 inchs apart? obviously the closer for faster coverage). St. Aug grows pretty well, so it should spread out and fill in the gaps over time. First though, you’ll want to rake up the dead grass matted on the lawn. . .

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