Winter Rye on St.Augustine… OK?

Winter Rye on St.Augustine… OK?

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Snooker – posted 31 October 2004 15:54

I live in FloridaHave Floritam ( St. Aug ) sod currently

Is it suicide to put winter rye on the existing sod to color up the yard thru the winter/Holiday months ? I know that the rye dies off when the warm weather arives, but does it harm the sod ?

Also, I live on the Water, and have heard of a grass that is salt or brackish water tolerant. Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks for all help

br549 – posted 08 November 2004 19:32

Fine to overseed with rye grass.We use it on our sod farm.No problems.Mow first,then spread seed.Paspalum is grass you are hearing about being salt tolerant.Kin to bahia.Jury is still out on how good it is.

Sledge – posted 23 December 2004 08:53

I live in Guadalajara, Mexico. We planted 18 holes with Paspalum (Seashore) 2 years ago and had no choice but to use the the water straight out of the almost untreated city sewer line connection for two months. Tremendously high sodium, bicarbonates, 8-9.5 Ph, 1900 conductivity. The paspalum was the only thing that not only survived but flourished. Paspalum super grass!

mikemaas00 – posted 07 January 2005 12:29

Rye can harm your warmseason grass if it is put down to heavy. 5 pounds per 1,000sqft is probably plenty. Anything over that starts to get touchy.

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