When is EARLIEST I can plant fescue seed?

When is EARLIEST I can plant fescue seed?

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ricsin1 – posted 30 January 2010 23:56

does anyone know the EARLIEST i can overseed my fescue lawn. I use a lawncare company and they like everyone else is AGAINST a spring seeding. they say the new grass wont be developed enough by summer yada yada….. i believe them… but i really think that IF DONE EARLY ENOUGH i can get SOME grass to come up and last until the FALL when I’ll aerate and overseed again…..

my question is HOW SOON can I put this seed down.. It is Jan 31st… what about MID-FEB 2010 after a good cross core aeration… that should be enough time ( 1st day of spring is March 20,2010 ) …

I am in Atlanta, GA 30314 zip code….what are your thoughts….

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