what is the best weed and feed

what is the best weed and feed

kcreechs – posted 09 February 2011 13:21

I have argentine-bahia grass, and there all kinds of weeds in my yard. I pulled them by hand last year, but they’re back this year with a vengence. What can I put on it without harming my grass. I read that you can’t put atrazine on it. Most weed and feeds have this in it. An acre and 1/2 is alot of weed pulling.

seed – posted 10 March 2011 23:41

First find out what kind of weeds you have. Here is vegetative key to some common kinds of Florida landscape weeds, though I don’t know where you are: idweed.com

If you have parallel-veined weeds, grasses and sedges, there’s not much you can do in bahiagrass.

If you have branched-vein weeds, there are several phenoxy herbicide mixtures such as Weed-B-Gon that you can spray carefully on bahiagrass (they can drift in the air to and kill nearby desirable plants). When I say phenoxy herbicide mixtures, I mean generally 3-way combinations of 2,4-D and mecoprop or MCPP and dicamba. Read the label carefully to make sure the product is allowed for the bahiagrass you are spraying it on and for the type of site. Measure and calibrate because dosage is critical. Try it out first in a small area, and with these products within a few days or a week you will get some indication if it’s working or is working too well.

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