watering in winter?

watering in winter?

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volabroad1 – posted 16 November 2004 16:19

Should I continue watering my either my centipede or fescue in winter? I am in ATL. . . the high today was about 65 and the lows probably close to 35 at night. . .

svcrawf72 – posted 17 November 2004 07:57

that is a good question.I would like to know the same about my St Augustine.

I guess you would but not as much and maybe the rain and or snow through the winter is enough even once a month.

sprinklergod – posted 21 November 2004 18:13

I live in Michigan where our grasses go dormant for the winter, however, the priciples are the same…you never want to over water your yard as air in your soil is just as important to your turf as water is. If your temps. are not getting above the 60’s, you can probably shorten your times per zone as well as cut your watering down to maybe 3 times a week. Make your judgements by sticking a shovel in the ground and feeling for moisture…if it’s saturated, water less…in really dry, either turn up your times or increase watering days. Hope this helps

mikemaas00 – posted 17 December 2004 11:12

Soak it once a week and you’ll be fine. Once it goes dormant, you can probably cut back even more. You’ll stay away from a fungus problem this way, and your water bill won’t be as bad.

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