watering, city water w/chlorine

watering, city water w/chlorine

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tothetops – posted 05 June 2005 06:41

Will watering new sod with city water that is high in chlorine damage my new sod.

Turfmiester – posted 05 June 2005 08:56

Yes, but too bad. Only water with it if necessary. Once a week, no more than twice. The chlorine will evaporate in an hour or two. Maybe a little plant food every now and again.

Ed77 – posted 07 June 2005 05:41

Watering is a very complex situation, and entrained chemicals can do more than just poison the plants’ biological absorption systems. It has now been firmly established that exposure to strong energy fields causes the bond angle between the hydrogen and oxygen molecules to change, and this vastly effects the way the water molecule interacts with the biological system. This energy might come from chemical contaminants, but just as likely is the result of proximity to strong energy emitting sites such as power plants, underground pipelines, transmission towers, and many other manmade systems.

…The best solution still is good old rain water!

— But short of that option, it is probably best to properly condition your soils so the microbial population can perform the miracle of realignment in feeding your biological system.

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