What should I be doing to my lawn in Charlotte

What should I be doing to my lawn in Charlotte

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troyhusker – posted 02 September 2005 07:25

I’m sort of a lawn care neophyte so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do or when I’m supposed to do it. I base many of my decisions on the comercials I hear on the radio.

Recently I heard that it’s time to start fall preparations on my yard. I’ve heard that aeration, lime, and overseeding are all good to do. But I don’t know what to do when.

I live in the Charlotte, NC area and I think I have some sort of fescue grass, but I’m not sure.

Any advice would be most appreciative.


tommy – posted 03 September 2005 22:38

If you have good earthworm activity you don’t have to aerify…..don’t apply lime until you do a soil test,(simple soil test kits available at any garden center)….fertilize with a good balanced lawn food ,(many available) , and if have weeds use a “weed& feed” product. You don’t have to seed unless your lawn is thin or has bare spots. As the days get shorter, you can lower your cutting height a little at a time. By November you should be mowing an inch shorter than you are now.

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