UGH…Help…Power Company ripped up new sod

UGH…Help…Power Company ripped up new sod

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TaraDep – posted 16 July 2002 21:27

Ok, I have had sod put down 1.5 months ago….it was looking great (FLoratam). I am in the Tampa Area of FL. ANyway, they ripped up a huge area, dug a 5 ft trench and have advised me that they are just going to put back the sod they ripped up which is now in about 4×4 squares…..any chance of it coming back or re-rooting? HELP.

frenchman – posted 16 July 2002 21:50

Yes, but I would go and complain to the manager and have them replace it with new sod. There suppose to replace what they mess up.

WillR – posted 17 July 2002 07:10


Your sod should be fine, but if you would like to concvince yourself, you can look to the runners (called stolons – I will provide a picture below). As long as it is green, and appears healthy, your sod will be fine. All the leaves can be bruised, clipped, nipped, cut, or die, but as long as that stolon remains alive, the grass will return.

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