Turf Yellowing

Turf Yellowing

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Wayne – posted 09 July 2002 15:36

Experiencing unbelievable turf yellowing with the heavy summer rains. Can’t seem to correct even with heavy iron applications. Anyone having similar problems and any luck correcting ??

tdkx – posted 12 July 2002 14:37

I only come around when my grass is growing. I’m a cool season grass grower Wayne and it sounds like you may be as well. You did not elucidate enough for me to make a prognosis though. You said you that heavy rain had occured at least and that would mean that a fungus is likely present. I will assume high temperatures with a high dew point/humidity? What type of grass do you have? I can’t really make a good recommendation for you if you don’t tell some details. But knowing grass as I do(GCSAA Member), I would suspect a fungus is the cause of your problems. That’s not going out on a limb either for me to say. As to how to cure a fungal infection…well, that requires more money than an average homeowner might be be willing to pay. Unless you have Pythium,(which I doubt) I would say that your grass will recover even though it looks dead to you. Pay attention to the level of moisture in the root zone. If it becomes dry, then start to water your “dead” grass to keep the rhizomes alive and give them a chance to rejuvenate themselves. Be patient, summer stresses do not go away instantly. Don’t water your lawn in the evenings is one tip I can give you. That’s what fungus loves and especially so if it is calm. I hope that helps you a bit.


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