turf grass

turf grass

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joe schopp – posted 31 January 2008 09:47

I live in ohio i am starting turf school this fall at wooster osu in ohio its a 2 year program. i am going to work at a local golf course this spring thru school.but after i get out i want to go to florida.will i have to take more classes when i go there since there turf is different?

cohiba – posted 31 January 2008 15:47

That would depend on your schools’ curriculum. For the most part you should be able to go down south with a two year degree and become an second assistant or triplex operator. Gaining work experience is just as important as formal education. As an employee new to the turf industry I have a few suggestions that they don’t really cover in turf school. Ask questions. Keep a diary. It should contain what you did at the course that day and what turf management things were done to the course, and what pests or disease problems happened along with what the weather was like. Watch the weather, at least once a day, and try to correlate the weather with turf problems and pest outbreaks. Know the pesticides that your superintendent uses. Keep labels from the jugs he throws away and read them.

Keep your school stuff handy, it can be an invaluable resource when you have a question.

And finally: Try to figure out which string to pull to open seed and fertilizer bags easily. i have been in the industry for 16 years and still cannot figure it out.

Good Luck and Keep It Green….

joe schopp – posted 01 February 2008 05:33

thank you for your advise.

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