Tif 419 Sod Problem

Tif 419 Sod Problem

TXLawn – posted 26 May 2005 19:21

Built new house last year installed tif 419 around late Sept watered in fairly well watered all winter appeared to be coming in rather slowly. Put out a fertilizer for TX soil in early March bought from Lowes, iron stained concrete in spots (if anyone knows a cure for this) lawn appeared to green up fairly well fought winter grass until this last week when it heated up. Put out a higher nitrogen fertilizer first of May seemed to green up then when we hit 100 Last sat seems to be getting yellow or brown spots in parts of the yard Other parts of yard appear to be doing great. Also some parts of the yard grow fast others dont appear to grow at all height wise, Have been watering 3 times a week have cut that back to 2 starting next week longer intervals. Any thoughts ideas I had read on here to do a 34-0-0 to control Spot. Thanks in advance for any ideas or solutions.

dcarlson01 – posted 19 June 2005 06:26

I’ve had a house in Houston for 4 years now. I put Tif 419 in the back yard, however, have not had much luck. I can seem to get it healthly. It was almost overrun with crabgrass last year as well. I have my lawn service put down some fertilizer and pre-emrge to control the other weeds, however, still not much luck. I’m thinking of going to an organic type of fertilizer, slow release, and putting it down myself.

rayspang – posted 16 September 2006 09:25

About the iron spots. after applying fertilizer with iron, I alway blow the sidewalks and driveways with the leaf blower BEFORE watering the newly fertilized lawn. Just blow the particles back into the yard. Any particles left on the concrete will stain it red when they get wet.

rayspang – posted 21 April 2007 07:07

My TIF419 was looking sickly and was run over with weeds here in Houston. I applied a low-med application of Scotts Bonus S (not recommended for bermuda) and it looks the best it ever has. Weeds are gone and its green, green, green. Still not doing great in shady areas, but that is to be expected. Test on a small area before applying to the whole yard. This test should check your particular varieties tolerance to the weed killer in the Bonus S. Good luck.

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