This dollar spot is really ticking me off

This dollar spot is really ticking me off

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greyleafspot – posted 27 September 2007 16:51

Thats all I think about. Its a kentucky blue lawn and its the most virulant dollar spot I have ever seen. I am doing all the right things…water deep and infrequent, only water in the mornings, not to heavy on the N.

But I can’t afford to spray it with anything is the problem.

I am mowing it at 2.5 inches, the lawn gets great morning sunlight.

Is thier any other cultural practices I can turn to?

cohiba – posted 28 September 2007 06:44

Are you sure it’s $pot? If so,then you may want to fertilize(as long as it’s not too hot).

Where are you located? What is the temperature like?

There are alternatives to chemicals….

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