Dogs and Grass

Dogs and Grass

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Sg – posted 02 November 2007 16:20

I live in Ocala, FL (central FL) and have 6 dogs. My back yard, or what is left, is a mix of St Augustine, weeds and dirt. I also have 3 large oak tress (recently trimmed) so i get light, however much of the morning light is filtered.

1) what is the best type of grass to mitigate dirt and stand to dogs playing?2) when is the best time to install it?


landscapelifer – posted 18 June 2008 21:31

Try common Bermuda, sold in seed sacks. They use different varities on golf courses that get lots and lots of traffic and it holds up, right. Sunlight is good, the more the better. Be prepared to aerate often to relieve compaction in heavy traffic areas (another golf course trick)

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