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Rita – posted 22 March 2008 20:39

Our lawn grade is causing a drainage problem and we need a swail. Does anyone know if this item is a pre-made item or do I need to make it myself and if so, how? Or who does this kind of work? We’re in Pennsylvania near Doylestown.

cohiba – posted 23 March 2008 08:46

A drainage swale is made by moving and grading soil on your property to provide for the natural movement of surface water. If your unsure of yourself contact a local landscaper. It is hard work and done incorrectly could cause more damage than cure. In extreme cases an engineer may be consulted.

Are you sure you need to do a swail and just not installed drainage?

Good Luck………….

Rita – posted 23 March 2008 10:11

Thanks for your information. Folks who claim to know, say we need a swail. Installed drainage isn’t working due to the incline of the lawn. Have you ever heard of a precast swail? Again, thank you.

seed – posted 23 March 2008 15:23

The swale is normally not cast and is normally a passive depressed area created by shaping the earth to create a shallow basin for sufficient retention and infiltration of water to protect surrounding improvements including but not limited to buildings and roads. The shape, location, and size of the swale depends on infiltration and percolation characteristics of the specific soil, the expected rainfall intensity, and the layout of surrounding including other existing swales and water bodies as well as improvements. Phil

Gatorinfla – posted 24 March 2008 16:07

Have you considered installing French Drains?

Rita – posted 24 March 2008 18:05

French Drains have fixed the problems on the other side of the house. The current problem is on the driveway side and we need to drain onto the driveway and away from the house. Thanks.

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